395th District Court

The 395th District Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction that presides in a dynamic and rapidly growing county, as such the docket changes as the community’s needs change. For this reason, the Texas Legislature designed this court to hear civil, criminal and family law matters. This court, therefore, needs a judge with sound and consistent judgment who is able to tackle an array of legal issues based on proven experience. It further needs a judge, like me, that won’t short circuit the democratic process by legislating from the bench.

For this reason, I have received the endorsement of numerous conservative leaders. One endorsement I would like to highlight is from County Attorney Dee Hobbs.  He asked that I pass along his message of support to you:

I support Ryan Larson because the 395th and Williamson County need his varied and accomplished legal experience.  I trust Ryan to uphold Williamson County’s conservative values and defend every word of the Constitution. Ryan has proven to me to be hard working and dedicated to public service and his community. I am confident Ryan will rise to whatever challenge is placed before him.

- Dee Hobbs, County Attorney