Vote Ryan Larson for 395th District Court Judge in Williamson County


To help pay for school, Ryan remembers following in his father’s footsteps working as an ironworker in the hot desert sun. This experience taught him the values of persistence, hard work, and self-reliance. Today, when the State of Texas needs a fearless conservative legal expert, they look to Ryan Larson.

Appointed as an Assistant Attorney General by Greg Abbott, Larson brings a wealth of experience to this race. A fearless, conservative legal expert, Ryan was entrusted to first-chair dozens of trials and argue some of the toughest cases on behalf of Texas – and he won every time, including several cases before the Texas Supreme Court.

Today, as an Administrative Law Judge and Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, Ryan is among the most respected legal minds in Texas because he applies the law with integrity and never fails to defend the Constitution.

As district judge, Ryan will ensure our families are safe, our rights are protected, and he will never legislate from the bench. With Ryan Larson, we can be confident we have a tough but fair judge who will defend our conservative values.

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